7.62mm Bottle Opener Keychains

Here's our 7.62mm Bullet Bottle Opener Keychains. They're classic, they're brass, they're made in the USA, and they'll fit easily in your pocket or purse while still opening your beers with no sweat. 

Each one of our bottle opener keychains is made from a real once-fired 7.62mm/.308 caliber casing and is reloaded with a full metal jacket bullet before having a notch put in the casing and a hole punched in the bullet for easy carrying. Choose engraved keychains from several different military and charity options, and with most of these bottle openers you'll have the option to add custom engraving either to the casing itself or to the attached dog tag. 

Our bottle opener keychains are the way to go if you're in need of something a little more convenient than our larger .50 caliber bottle openers or 20mm bottle openers.

These bottle openers are made from spent 7.62mm or .308 caliber casings and 147 grain bullets -- the same round fired by US military workhorses like the M240B and M240G machine guns, the M-14 rifle, the M39 and Mk14 Designated Marksman Rifles, as well as civilian firearms like the FN SCAR and countless hunting rifles that fire a Winchester .308 round. 

They're about the length and diameter of your little finger but are no less effective than their big brothers when it comes to opening your favorite craft beer or glass-bottled soda.

In addition to our standard options, you can also browse through our licensed keychain bottle openers for the Marine Corps, Army, and Air Force