Black Bullet Bottle Openers

We really like this version of our bottle openers for a handful of reasons.

One, the matte black powder-coated finish on our .50 Cal Bottle Openers just plain looks cool.

Two, it heads off the whole oxidation process which naturally occurs with any brass surface.

Lastly, the engraving process is quite a bit easier on powder-coated openers compared to brass which allows for larger and more-detailed engraving jobs.

Just like with our original .50 Caliber Bottle Openers, our Matte Black .50 Cal Bottle Openers also make for great groomsmen gifts which you can check out here and choose from several different gift box options. You'll get free shipping in the USA and automatic quantity discounts on orders of 4 or more. Browse our black bottle opener gifts below.

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Just like with all our other .50 Caliber Bottle Openers, these black bullet bottle openers are 100% made in America from real once-fired .50 BMG casings and M33 projectiles.

We have them powder-coated by a local shop here in Central Texas, then as they're engraved our laser burns off the black finish to show the text and/or logos in the brass that's underneath the black coating.