Shot Glasses

Our patented Six Shooter Shot Glasses are a unique alternative to boring glassware -- and unlike glass, these won't break anytime soon. Made in America from a chunk of aluminum that's CNC machined to resemble a revolver cylinder then finished with an anodized coating, these custom engraved shot glasses ship for FREE in the USA and are available with several different gift box options.

We've also got shot glass gift sets and 30mm Shot Glasses available, 100% made in America from once-fired 30mm training rounds.

If you're looking for gift sets that include our shot glasses as well as a few of our other products, check out our Groomsmen Gift Bundles which feature a pair of our shot glasses along with a .50 caliber bottle opener and 7.62mm bottle opener, all with custom engraving.

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Our shot glasses are 100% made in the USA and hold 1.25oz in the case of our Six Shooters and just over 2oz in the case of our 30mm shot glasses, making them the perfect size for quick shots or sipping on something fancy while you sit on the porch or in a rocking chair. Should you need something a little larger, take a look at our 10oz Six Shooter Whiskey Glasses or our 16oz Six Shooter Pint Glasses, both of which are similarly patterned after the Colt revolver.